Info & Downloads

Here you will find some useful information and downloads to help you along the way.

Guides / Instructions

AutoPot Easy2Grow Instructions - (pdf file)

AutoPot Easy2Grow Extension Instructions - (pdf file)

BudBox Assembly Guide - (pdf file)

Canna Plant Deficiency Help Guide - (pdf file)

Clonex Rooting Hormone Instructions (includes Clonex Mist and Root Riot) - (pdf file)

Handling Aggressive Liquids Important Information - (pdf file)

Lightwave T5 Instructions - (pdf file)

Liquid Oxygen 11.9% Instructions - (pdf file)

Liquid Silicon Instructions - (pdf file)

Nitrozyme Instructions - (pdf file)

pH Care Guide - (pdf file)

pH Pal Plus Instructions - (pdf file)

pH Test Kit Instructions - (pdf file)

Tracking and Controlling pH Levels in Hydroponics

Grow Schedules

Coco - (pdf file)
Terra - (pdf file)
Aqua - (pdf file)

Dutch Pro:
Hydro/Coco - (pdf file)
Soil - (pdf file)

Coco - (pdf file)
Hydro - (pdf file)
Soil - (pdf file)

Coco/Hydro/Soil - (pdf file)

Bioponic - (pdf file)

Coco/Hydro/Soil - (pdf file)

Plant Magic:
Coco Essential - (pdf file)
Coco Ultimate - (pdf file)
Hydro Essential - (pdf file)
Hydro Ultimate - (pdf file)
Soil Essential - (pdf file)
Soil Ultimate - (pdf file)
Organic Essential - (pdf file)
Organic Ultimate - (pdf file)

General Hydroponics:
FloraNova - (pdf file)
Ripen/FloraKleen - (pdf file)

Buddhas Tree:
Grow Schedule - (pdf file)

Coco/Hydro - (pdf file)
Soil - (pdf file)
Organic - (pdf file)

Other Downloads

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